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How to present a paper

Below is a model presentation that contributors can use. Each contribution should be written in English as well as in the national language of the scholar.

  • I-Information about the owner of the library, with brief biographic and bibliographic information if possible
    • A) Name Surname
    • B) Place and date of birth – death
    • C) Brief biography (only for minor figures, possibly no more than 600 characters)
    • D) Main bibliographic references (only for “minor” figures)
  • II-Information about the library being described, in particular:
    • A) current collocation of the volumes in libraries or other institutions;
    • B) how the volumes have been collected and kept (for example, if purchased or donated, if the volumes represent the entire library or only a part of it, if they are gathered in a collection or shelved along with the rest of the entire library);
    • C) name of the collection in which they are contained (as necessary);
    • D) bibliography of studies on the library of the author under consideration.
  • III-Bibliographic citation of the catalogue (where possible, and not in those cases where the collection has no catalogue and is described only by an inventory or similar), as follows:
    • A) Brief title and name of editor of catalogue, if available, typographic notes (for printed materials), physical description.
    • B) Locations of the catalogue in the principal libraries (obligatory for older catalogues, from the 1500 to 1700s).
  • IV-Brief description of the catalogue, with indications of:
    • A) the circumstances in which the catalogue was drawn up and its type (sales catalogue, inventory, etc);
    • B) its content (number of volumes and their order)
    • C) characteristics of the classification scheme, in particular
      • a. reference model, e.g., does it reproduce the original structure of the author’s library, or a classification in use in a public library or the outline of a specialised repertory)
      • b. general format: list of the principal classes and indication of the number of internal subclasses).
    • D) any introductions, prefaces, indices, summary tables, with the classification scheme, etc.
    • E) Bibliography on the catalogue
  • V-Reproduction of the structure of the catalogue:
    • Frontispiece
    • Other preliminaries
    • Body of catalogue
    • Indices

Papers can be sent by email to bibliothecae.philosophicae@sns.it. Send two or more files by email indicating

  1. name, address, institution, title of the library
  2. outline of the proposed library
  3. catalogue or inventory of the proposed library
  4. any links with additional or explanatory materials for the libraries outlined in the database.


The papers will be examined by the editorial committee, and its decision will be final for the publication of the texts. The editors will then inform the authors about their decision and the terms of the publication of the papers (if applicable).

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