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Gisbert Voet

Gisbert Voet

Heusden 1589 - Utrecht 1676

Gisbertus Voetius (Latinized version of the Dutch name Gijsbert Voet) was a Dutch Calvinist theologian. He was born at Heusden, Holland, studied at Leiden, and in 1611 became Protestant pastor of Vlijmen, whence in 1617 he returned to Heusden. In 1619 he played an influential part in the Synod of Dort, and in 1634 was made professor of theology and Oriental science at the University of Utrecht. Three years later he became pastor of the Utrecht congregation. He was an advocate of a strong form of Calvinism (Gomarism) against the Arminians. His personal influence was good, and the city of Utrecht perpetuated his memory by giving his name to the street in which he had lived. In March 1642, while serving as rector of the University of Utrecht, Voetius persuaded the university's academic senate to issue a formal condemnation of the Cartesian philosophy and its local defender, Henricus Regius. According to the senate's statement, Cartesian philosophy was to be suppressed because: (1) it was opposed to 'traditional' (i.e. Scholastic/Aristotelian) philosophy; (2) young people taught Cartesian philosophy would be unable to understand the technical terminology of Scholasticism; and (3) it had consequences contrary to orthodox theology.René Descartes, "Letter to Father Dinet", first published in the second (1642) edition of his Meditations on First Philosophy.
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Catalogus variorum librorum instuctissimæ [sic] bibliothecæ præstantissimi doctissimique viri in Anglia defuncti : ut & aliorum in omnibus scientiis atque linguis insignium, ex bibliothecæ clarissimi Gisberti Voetii empiorum cum multis aliis tum antiquis tum modernis nuperrimeæ ex variis partibus Europæ advectis quorum auctio habebitur Londini apud insigne Albi Cervi, in vico vulgo vocato St. Bartholomew Close, Novembris 25, 1678.

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