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Charles Augustin de Sainte-Beuve

Charles Augustin de Sainte-Beuve

Boulogne-sur-Mer 1804 - Paris 1869

French writer and critic, de Sainte-Beuve took part in romantic circles and was friends with Victor Hugo and Alfred de Vigny. Elected to the Académie française (1844), he would embrace the Second Empire. He held the chair of Latin poetry at the Collège de France (1855), was named maître de conférence at the École normale supérieure (1858-1861), and was a senator during the Empire libéral.

Main works: Les Consolations (1830); Livre d'amour (1834); Volupté (1835); Portraits littéraires (3 vol., 1843); Causeries du lundi (11 vol., 1851-1862; 15 vol., 1857-1872); Nouveaux lundis (13 vol., 1863-1870); Port-Royal (5 vol., 1840-1857; 7 vol., 1867-1871); Chateaubriand et son groupe littéraire sous l'Empire (1860).

Bibliography: A Sainte-Beuve bibliography (1938-1952), by Bruce H. Mainous, Rochester (N.Y.), University of Rochester Press 1954.

Catalogue des livres rares et curieux composant la bibliothèque de M. Sainte-Beuve, 2 vol., Paris, Poitier 1870.

The sale catalogue is composed of two volumes, respectively containing 1009 and 805 descriptions, each numbered in continuous succession. The books are divided, in the tradition of Paris booksellers, into 5 classes: Théologie (nos. 1-50 / 1-42), Jurisprudence (nos. 43-48, this class is present only in the seconde partie), Sciences et arts (nos. 51-135 / 49-116), Belles-Lettres (nos. 136-762 / 117-475), Histoire (nos. 763-1009 / 476-805), further divided into subclasses. The classification method is explained in the Table des divisions, included at the end of the Première partie alone, the index of the names is missing; an essay by Scherer Publisher about La bibliothèque de Sainte-Beuve precedes the Première partie.

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Catalogue des livres rares et curieux composant la bibliothèque de M. Sainte-Beuve, Paris, Poitier 1870.

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