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Edward Gibbon

Edward Gibbon

Putney 1737 - London 1794

Gibbon, Edward, in 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.

Main works: The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 6 voll., London, Strahan & Cadell 1776-1789; Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, 5 voll., 2ª ed., London, J. Murray 1814.

Bibliography: John Greville Agard Pocock, Barbarism and Religion, 4 vols.: vol. 1, The Enlightenments of Edward Gibbon, 1737–1764, 1999; vol. 2, Narratives of Civil Government, 1999; vol. 3, The First Decline and Fall, 2003; vol. 4, Barbarians, Savages and Empires, 2005, Cambridge University Press.

Paul Louis Bader, The Library of Edward Gibbon, Genève 1934, ff. 5, in-4º

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The Library of Edward Gibbon. A catalogue of his books. Compiled by Geoffrey L. Keynes, with the assistance of R.A. Skelton. With an introduction by G. Keynes, London, Jonathan Cape 1940, 288 p.

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