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Bon-Joseph Dacier

Bon-Joseph Dacier

Valognes (Manche) 1742 - Paris 1833

French scholar; his translations of Varia historia (Histoires diverses) by Claudio Eliano and of Cyropaedia by Xenophon led to his being invited to join the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, of which he would become secrétaire perpétuel (1783). Monarchic with liberal tendencies, in 1790 he refused the position of Finance Minister offered to him by Louis XVI. He lived in hiding during The Reign of Terror, returning to Paris only after 9 Thermidor. Conservateur of the Bibliothèque nationale (1800), in 1810 he published the Rapport sur le progrès qu’ont fait depuis 1789 l’histoire et la littérature. Member of the Institut (1795) and of the Accadémie française (1822).

Main works: Histoire de l’Académie royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres (Paris 1784-1830).

Bibliography: S. de Sacy, Notice sur les ouvrages de M. le Baron Dacier, Paris, impr. de la Vve Agasse s.d. [1834].

Catalogue des livres imprimés et manuscrits composant la bibliothèque de feu M. le B.on Dacier, Paris, Leblanc 1833, XX + 288 + [2] p., in 8°

The books are divided in five classes, according to the traditional scheme of the Parisian book sellers: Théologie (nos. 1-113), Jurisprudence (nos. 114-204), Sciences et arts (nos. 205-468), Belles lettres (nos. 469-939), Histoire (nos. 940-2304), further divided in subcategories. The summary of the classification is outlined in the Table des divisions at the front of the catalogue. There are also the Table des auteurs and the Table des anonymes.

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