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Francesco De Sarlo

Francesco De Sarlo

San Chirico Raparo (Potenza) 1864 - Firenze 1937

Italian philosopher and psychologist with a positivistic and experimentalist education, from 1900 to 1933 he was professor of theoretical philosophy at the Royal Institute of higher studies in Florence. In 1903 De Sarlo inaugurated the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, the first in Italy, and in 1907 he founded the review La cultura filosofica. Influenced by Wundt and Brentano, he was a firm opponent of Neo-idealism.

Main works: I dati dell'esperienza psichica (Firenze 1903); Il pensiero moderno (Milano 1915); Psicologia e filosofia (Firenze 1918).

Bibliography: P. Guarnieri, De Sarlo, Francesco, in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, vol. 39 (1991); Francesco De Sarlo e il laboratorio fiorentino di psicologia, a cura di L. Albertazzi, G. Cimino, S. Gori-Savellini, Bari, G. Laterza 1999; N. Dazzi, G.  Sava, Francesco De Sarlo e metodi della psicologia,  in N. Dazzi, G.P. Lombardo, Le origini della psicologia italiana, Bologna, Mulino 2011; G. Sava, Francesco De Sarlo e la psicologia filosofica, «Il Veltro», LVI (2012), fasc. 1-2, pp. 31–47.

Biblioteca dell'Università di Firenze, fondo Francesco De Sarlo

The De Sarlo collection was donated to the library of the Faculty of Humanities of Florence in 1939: it consists of 666 volumes, 668 brochures and 123 magazines (not complete). The material is mainly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but it includes also older editions. There is a topographical inventory.

Bibliography: Guida ai fondi speciali delle biblioteche toscane, a cura di S. Di Majo, Firenze, DBA 19962.

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