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Vittorio Benussi

Vittorio Benussi

Trieste 1878 - Padova 1927

Bibliography: C. Musatti, Benussi, Vittorio, in Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani, vol. 8 (1966); V. Zudini, Vittorio Benussi. Biografia - Bibliografia - Opere; M. Antonelli, A. Molaro, Da Graz a Padova. Vittorio Benussi, Cesare Musatti e la via austro-italiana alla psicologia della Gestalt, Mimesis, Milano-Udine 2020.

Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, Biblioteca di Psicologia, Catalogo del fondo librario Vittorio Benussi

The collection, conserved at the Centro di ricerca Aspi - Archivio storico della psicologia italiana dell'Università degli studi di Milano-Bicocca, contains 18 file folders. Almost all the material is related to the scientific activity of Benussi, such as his teaching notes for the universities of Graz and Padua, his experimental registers, and his publications. It also contains his correspondence, other kinds of documents, and drawings by him and his friend Gino Parin.
The archive was brought to Milan by Benussi’s student Cesare L. Musatti when he founded the Institute of Psychology. He then entrusted it to the Institute. After the Institute was divided, the collection was acquired by the Dipartimento di psicologia dell'Università di Milano-Bicocca, and placed in the Centro Aspi. In 2005, the collection was declared material of historical interest by the Sopraintendenza archvistica of Lombardy.
The archive is divided into six parts: didactic material, writings by Benussi, Correspondence, Documents, graphic and photographic material, experimental material (this part has not been digitalized, due of the impossibility of creating a faithful copy of the original). Didactical material is divided among 13 file folders, the and the remaining subjects in five. The archive is divided in two parts, according to the languages used: until 1918 Benussi wrote almost exclusively in German, and from 1919, after he moved to Padua, in Italian. Attached to the archive, there is also a small collection of books, which includes 307
Sara Adamo e Verena Zudini

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