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Rudolf Anton Fabricius

Rudolf Anton Fabricius

1689 - 1772

Bibliotheca Rudolphi Antonii Fabricii historiae litterariae Prof. Ord. Philosophorum ordinis et totius Academiae senioris Libros ad omne literarum genus spectantes rariores et rarissimos complectens…, Helmstadii, Typis Kuhnlin Acad. Bibliop. 1776-1777.

The sale catalogue drawn up at the death of Fabricius is divided into three volumes (I-II, 1776; III, 1777), for a total of about 18,000 titles, with a collection of prints. The editors decline any attempt to classify the materials given the vastness and heterogeneity of the collection. The volumes are ordered according to format; in the first two volumes there are mostly titles from the period which goes from antiquity to the 15th century.

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

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