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Friedrich Ast

Friedrich Ast

Gotha 1778 - M√ľnchen 1841

German philologist, university professor first in Landshut (1805) and then in Munich, editor of the Platonic dialogues and of a monumental Platonic glossary.

Main works: Grundlinien der Philosophie (Landshut 1807); Platons Leben und Schriften (Leipzig 1816); Lexikon Platonicum (Leipzig 1834-39).

Verzeichnis der hinterlassenen Bücher-Sammlung des daher verstorbenen kgl. Hofraths und Universitäts-Professors Dr. Friedrich Ast, München, Descher 1842, 85 p.

The sale catalogue, drawn up at Ast’s death, lists 1,313 bibliographic descriptions numbered continuously, with no subdivisions for subject or author. An index on the last page eases consultation, grouping the books in some categories (e.g., "Oekonomie und Technologie: nr. 1022, 1172, 1195"). This indicates that the single number corresponds to a work with that topic or, more commonly, that from that number on there are texts dealing with that topic.

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