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Johann George Hamann

Johann George Hamann

Königsberg 1730 - Münster 1788

German writer and philosopher, he studied theology and law in Königsberg. Hamann was a careful interpreter of Biblical texts and an aesthetics scholar. Interlocutor of Herder and Kant, he was a tenacious adversary of Enlightenment culture.

Online resources:

Verzeichnis von Johann George Hamanns Bücherei, , in Johann George Hamann und seine Bücherei, hrsg. N. Imendörffer, Königsberg-Berlin, Ost-europa Verlag 1938 (Schriften der Albertus-Universität zu Königsberg: Geisteswissenschaftliche Reihe, Bd. 20), pp. 92-174.

The catalogue is part of a dissertation presented and defended by Nora Imendörffer at the University of Königsberg in 1938 (Königsberg, Philos. Diss. v. 30. Sept. 1938). The catalogue contains annotations by Hamann himself (for example, next to a writing, He kaine Diatheke metaphratheisa … para tu Kalliopolitu kai nyn authis typhoteisa diorthosei Serapheim Hieromonacu Mitylenaiu, London 1703, there is the annotation «Donum Herderi nostri»). The books are divided by topics in the catalogue; the topics are then further divided based on the criteria in use in Prussian libraries around 1920 (readers are directed, in the introductory notes, to a printed text, Instruktionen für die alphabestischen Kataloge der Preußischen Bibliotheken, Berlin 1923).

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