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Frans Hemsterhuis

Frans Hemsterhuis

Franeker 1721 - Den Haag 1790

Dutch philosopher who lived at length in Germany, he frequented the "Münster Circle", a literary coterie that exercised a great influence between the eras of Enlightenment and Romanticism. His works on gnosiology, ethics and aesthetics were published posthumously; his Lettre sur l'homme et ses rapports (1772) in particular had an effect on his contemporaries.

Main works: Oeuvres philosophiques (Paris 1792); Œuvres philosphiques, édition critique par J. van Sluis, Leiden, Boston, Brill 2015.

Bibliography: Denis Diderot, Commento alla lettera sull'uomo di Hemsterhuis, a cura di M. Brini Savorelli, Bari, Laterza 1981; Frans Hemsterhuis e la cultura filosofica europea fra Settecento e Ottocento, a cura di L. Illetterati e A. Moretto, Trento, Verifiche 2004; Hemsterhuis: a European philosopher rediscovered, ed. by C. Melica, Napoli, Vivarium 2005.

Online resources:

Pars Bibliothecae Hemsterhusianae sive Catalogus librorum … quos collegit & reliquit Franciscus Hemsterhuis, Hagae Comitum, Van Cleef et Scheurleer 1791, 159 p.

The catalogue is divided into nine sections, which are in turn subdivided according to format: In Folio (nos. 1-457), In Quarto (nos. 1-930), In Octavo (nos. 1-1561). In addition Codices Manuscripti (1-9), Teekeningen, Prenten en Landkaarten (1-22), Astronomische en Physische Instrumenten (1-40), Kostbaarheden en verdere Rariteiten (1-180), Pleister Beeldwerken (1-22), Fraay Geboetzeerde Beeldwerken (1-18), Fraaye Marmere, Yvoore, Bronze en andere Beeldwerken (1-14), Schilderyen in Olyverf etc. (1-59).

Studies on the library: J. van Sluis, Bibliotheca Hemsterhusiana: het boekenbezit van Tiberius en Frans Hemsterhuis, met genealogie en bibliografie, Budel, Damon [u.a.], 2001.

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