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Johann Albert Fabricius

Johann Albert Fabricius

Leipzig 1668 - Hamburg 1736

German bibliographer and scholar. Born in Leipzig, son of Werner Fabricius, director of the choir of St. Paul’s Church, from whom he received his first education, later completed under the theologian Alberti. He moved to Hamburg in 1693: there he was librarian to John Mayer and in 1699 he obtained the chair of rhetoric and ethics in Hamburg, which he held until his death. His name is linked to the Bibliothaeca project and to research on apocryphal Christian literature.

Main works: Scriptorum recentiorum decas (Leipzig 1688); Decas Decadum, sive plagiariorum et pseudonymorum centuria (Leipzig 1689); Bibliotheca latina (Hamburg 1697); Bibliotheca Antiquaria (Hamburg 1713); Bibliotheca ecclesiatica (Hamburg 1718); Bibliotheca graeca (Hamburg 1705-1728); Centifolium Lutheranum (Hamburg 1728); Bibliotheca Latina mediae et infimae aetate (Hamburg 1734-1736); Codex Pseudepigraphus Veteris Testamenti, (Hamburg 1703).

Bibliography: H.S. Reimarus, De Vita et Scriptis J.A. Fabricii Commentarius, Hamburg 1737; H. Schröder, Fabricius (Johann Albert), in Lexikon der hamburgischen Schriftsteller bis zur Gegenwart, 2, Hamburg 1854, pp. 238-259; I. Pyritz, Bibliographie zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte des Barockzeitalters, 2, Bern 1985, p. 163; H. Schmidt, Quellenlexikon zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte, 6, Duisburg 1996, p. 335.

H.S. Reimarus, Bibliothecae Beati Jo. Alb. Fabricii, Teil 1, Hamburg 1738.

The first book of the sale catalogue drawn up at his death is divided into two parts, theological topics and profane topics, and lists 4,772 texts. Every section is further divided. There is an appendix with further titles: In Folio (15+1), In Quarto (75+9), In Octavo (99+7) In Duodecimo (35+3) and the Musicalia (11+46). There is an index of the catalogue at the beginning of the first section. Three further parts of the catalogue were published (parts II and III, Hamburg 1739), (part IV, Hamburg 1741). Cf. J.G. Meusel, Lexikon der vom Jahr 1750 bis 1800 verstorbenen teutschen Schriftsteller, Leipzig, 1811.

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