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Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

Lübeck 1694 - Göttingen 1755

Protestant theologian and historian. Taught in Kiel (1721), Helmstedt (1723) and Göttingen.

Main works: Anweisung, erbaulich zu predigen (Erlangen 1763, reprint: Waltrop, 1998); Versuch einer unpartheiischen und gründlichen Ketzergeschichte (Helmstedt 1746, reprint: Waltrop 1995).

Bibliography: J.A. Wagenmann, Mosheim, Johann Lorenz, in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, Bd. XXII, Leipzig 1885, pp. 395-99; A. u. J. Alwast, Mosheim, Johann Lorenz, in Biographisches Lexikon für Schleswig-Holstein und Lübeck, Bd. X, Neumünster 1994, pp. 258-263.

Catalogus Bibliothecae Io. Laur. A Mosheim, Göttingen 1756, 543 p.

The auction catalogue, divided in different sections (although within these the topics are not rigidly separated) and further subdivided based on format, contains primarily collections of biblical texts, theological and historical writing, works which regard "literary history" and intellectual history in its many aspects. Research of authors is made simpler by the index of names at the end of the first volume (works by Origen or by Melanchthon, located in different sections, can thus be immediately found). The catalogue includes 7,264 bound books, 58 unbound books and a collection of dissertations, unnumbered.

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