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Georg Barthold Niebuhr

Georg Barthold Niebuhr

Copenhagen 1776 - Bonn 1831

German historian and statesman, son of Krasten Niebuhr, cartographer and traveler. In 1796 he gave up the studies he had started in Kiev to perform the duties of private secretary of Count Schimmelmann, Danish Minister of Finance. After spending a year in the United Kingdom, in 1804 he became manager of the National Bank of Denmark and in 1806 he served in the Prussian civil service. From 1810 he was professor at the University of Berlin and from 1826 to 1823 he was Prussian ambassador to the Papal States. From 1823 to his death he taught at the University of Bonn, working on his major work: History of Rome.

Main works: Römische Geschichte (Berlin 1811-1832); Kleine historische und philologische Schriften (Bonn 1828, Erste Sammlung, e 1843, Zweite Sammlung).

Bibliography: W. Gerrit, Niebuhrs Forschung, Steiner, Stuttgart 1993; B.K. Witte, Der preußische Tacitus. Aufstieg, Ruhm und Ende des Historikers Barthold Georg Niebuhr (1776 - 1831), Düsseldorf 1979.

Verzeichniss der von Georg Barthold Niebuhr und Marcus von Niebuhr hinterlassenen Bücher-Sammlung, Berlin, Besser’sche Buchhandlung 1861, [Jena, Druck von Fr. Frommann 1861], [IV] + 74 p.

The catalogue of the library of G. B. Niebuhr and his son was compiled on the occasion of the sale that occurred in 1861, on the death of the latter. The catalogue shows a second title-page with the typographic reference: «Jena 1861». It consists of 2390 titles divided into thematic classes, some of them divided into subclasses. The order of the titles in every single section is alphabetical. No indication of whether the books belonged to G.B. Niebuhr or to his son can be found. There is an auction catalogue concerning the library of G.B. Niebuhr, a copy of which is kept in the library of the University of Leipzig: Verzeichniß einer dem Nachlaß des [...] B. G. Niebuhr angehörigen Bücher-Sammlung, welche nebst Anhange Donnerstag d. 9. Januar 1845 [...] versteigert werden soll Ort, Bonn, Verlag Krüger, 1844.

Kungl. Biblioteket / National Library of Sweden
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Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Jena

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