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Carl Ritter

Carl Ritter

Quedlinburg 1779 - Berlin 1859

Along with Alexander von Humboldt he is considered one of the founders of modern geography. He attended the University of Halle, at the expense of Bethmann-Hollweg, a banker of Frankfurt, whose children Ritter had tutored. From 1813 to 1818 he lived in Göttingen, working on the first edition of his monumental Erdkunde. In 1820 he became professor of geography at the University of Berlin. He is one of the founders of the Gesellschaft der Erkunde; from 1822 he was a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. The explorer Heinrich Barth was among his students.

Main works: Die Erdkunde im Verhältniß zur Natur und zur Geschichte des Menschen, oder allgemeine vergleichende Geographie, als sichere Grundlage des Studiums und Unterrichts in physicalischen und historischen Wissenschaften, 2 vol., Berlin 1817-1818 (2a ed., 19 vol., 1822-1859).

Bibliography: M. Linke, Ritters Leben und Werk. Ein Leben für die Geographie, Halle, Verlag Janos Stekovics 2000; A. Schach, Carl Ritter (1779-1859). Naturphilosophie und Geographie. Erkenntnistheoretische Überlegungen, Reform der Geographie und mögliche heutige Implikationen, Münster 1996.

Verzeichnis der Bibliothek und Kartensammlung des Professors, Ritters etc. etc. Dr. Carl Ritter in Berlin, 1. Theil. Bibliothek, Leipzig, T.O. Weigel 1861, VIII + 297 p. Reprint: Die Carl-Ritter-Bibliothek, hrsg. E. Plewe, Wiesbaden, Steiner 1978.

Auction catalogue that refers to the sale which took place in Leipzig in 1861. In consists of 7345 titles divided into thematic classes, some of which are further subdivided. It is pointed out (p. VI) that the assignment of the volumes to the different sections, especially to the Deutschland section, is inaccurate on occasion. The catalogue is preceded by a short biographic note (pp. III-VI) and by a summary (pp. VII-VIII).
The second (Landkartensammlung) and the third part (Nachträge und Doubletten) are missing.

Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

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