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Stendhal (pseudonimo di Henri Beyle)

Stendhal (pseudonimo di Henri Beyle)

Grenoble 1783 - Paris 1842

La Bibliothèque de Stendhal à Rome (1842), par F. Boyer, Paris, Éditions du Stendhal Club 1923, 16 p.

The Catalogue des livres dépendant de la succession de M. Beyle, consul de France à Civitavecchia, et déposés à l’Ambassade du Roi, dated 12 April 1842, was drawn up at the death of the writer by a clerk in the French Embassy of Rome, H. de Cambis, with the aim of registering the objects owned by Stendhal remaining in his apartment in Rome. The list contains 389 volumes, with no bibliographic description, generally with only the name of the author, title (and sometimes only one of the two, making the identification of the work more difficult) and the number of volumes. The books are divided without numbering in the following groups: Œuvres de Stendhal, Livres en grec et en latin, Auteurs français, Auteurs italiens, Auteurs anglais, Auteurs espagnols, Divers. There is no index or classification outline.

Staatbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin
Biblioteca comunale, Palazzo Sormani, Milano
British Library, London

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