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icona doc Bibliotheca Burnetiana: or a Catalogue of the library of the late ... Dr. Gilbert Burnet ... which will begin to be sold by auction ... the 19th of March, 17 15/16, etc., London, Thomas Ballard [1716], 68 p.

Table of contents

Conditions of Sale 
Libri Theologici, Hist. Ecclesiast. &c. Gr. Lat. Folio 1
Libri Theologici & Philologici, Quarto 6
Libri Theologici & Philologici, Octavo 8
Libri Geographici, Chronologici, Historici, &c. Gr. Lat. Folio  13
Libri Miscellan. Jurid. Crit. Philolog. Lexic. &c. Gr. Lat. Folio 16
Libri Miscellanei, viz. Jurid. Critici, Philolog. Lexicograph. &c. Gr. Lat. Folio 17
Libri Classici, Philosoph. Orator. Poet. &c. Gr. Lat. Folio 18
Libri Historici, Classici, Miscellanei &c. in Quarto 19
Libri Miscellanei &c. in Octavo 22
Livres Francois & Italienne, Folio 29
Livres Francois, Quarto 30
Livres Francois, Octavo, &c. 31
Libros Espannolos, Folio 41
Libros Espannol. & Ital. Quarto 41
Libros Ital. & Espagnola, Octavo Duodecimo 42
Libri Belgici, Folio 43
Quarto 43
Octavo 43
English Divinity, Folio 44
English Divinity, Quarto 45
English Divinity, Octavo, &c. 47
English Miscellanies, Folio 54
English Miscellanies, Quarto 56
English Miscellanies, Octavo, &c. 57
Pamphlets, Folio 63
Pamphlets, Quarto 63
Pamphlets, Octavo 66
Very ancient English Tracts 67
Libri Omissi Folio 68
Quarto 68

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